Guest tattoo artist

We invite only the best and most talented international guest tattoo artists to joins us in our studio. They all create highly realistic tattoos.

Here You can find current guest tattoo artists and selected works. To book an appointment You can use the contact sheet and come to our studio for a free consultation to talk about Your project.

Roberto Carlos

Roberto Carlos was born in Cuba and lives in Venezuela. Fusion Ink and FK Irons sponsor this artist, who is known for his surreal tattoo art. He is an artist of passion and dedication, particularly his compositions and colour works are unique.

Emersson Pabon

Emersson Pabon was born in Venezuela and still works in his home country. He regularly travels abroad and tattoos all over the world. He is sponsored by World Famous Ink and FK Irons. With over 155,000 Instagram subscribers the internationally renowned tattoo artist is famous for his breathtaking realism.